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We are an accessible marketplace, helping our customers independently access and purchase the products they need. Now available exclusively in Florida.

Paywithchip Marketplace

The Paywithchip Marketplace is an easy to use, accessible shopping application for Windows desptop computers. Our customers have access to hundreds of everyday products . Keep reading to learn more about the Paywithchip Marketplace expierence.

Fully Accessible

Choose from text only or visually adapted* Windows desktop applications, to create a shopping expierence that matches your needs. Use just six keyboard keys to navigate- arrow keys, enter, and escape.

Assistive Labels

Every item purchased from the Paywithchip Marketplace, features a specially designed product label. When paired with the PaywithchipQR smartphone application, customers can scan their package and have the name of the item spoken out loud. Learn More.

Keyboard Free Payments

No more typing payment details into long payment forms. Our customers insert their payment cards into a small USB device, which reads the payment information and finishes the checkout in seconds.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our marketplace helps customers access and purchase the products they need everyday, from groceries to gift ideas. We provide everything you need, with items delivered in 2-4 business days. Still have questions? Send us a message!

What is the Paywithchip Marketplace?

The Paywithchip Marketplace is an easy to use, fully accessible Windows computer application. It provides our customer with access to everyday products, and allows them to quickly and securely purchase the products they need.

How is the marketplace accessible?

We have solved several barriers to finding and purchasing goods from a computer including access, navigation and payment. We offer a text only version of our software which works well with screenreaders. We also offer a visually adapted version which allows for changes to images and text sizes or colors (coming soon).

How much does it cost?

Access to the Paywithchip Marketplace is free. Everyone is invited to expierence the marketplace after completing a simple registration (no payment information required).

What is included with the Paywithchip Marketplace?

The Paywithchip Marketplace includes 2-4 business day shipping on all orders (minimum 5 items), a USB card reader for payments and the PaywithchipQR smart phone app with assistive labeling to help identify all shipped items.

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